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Posts tagged "Failure to Diagnose"

Is skin cancer harder to detect if you have tattoos?

For many residents of Providence, the idea of getting cancer is a frightening and sobering thought. There are three types of skin cancer that you might get, which vary in degrees of severity – melanoma, squamous and basal carcinomas. Skin cancer often has a highly successful cure rate as long as it’s caught early.

Why is it important to get a second opinion?

Most people at some point during their lifetimes face a medical situation in which the more information they receive, the better. In many cases, getting a second opinion is a wise choice for Rhode Island residents. The advice and support of more than one physician may be life-saving.

Fibromyalgia is a condition that is often difficult to diagnose

Fibromyalgia is a frustrating and painful condition for Rhode Island residents who have it, and they may suffer for years before an accurate diagnosis is made. A delayed diagnosis without proper treatment may lead to additional complications and unnecessary pain. The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases estimates about 5 million people over age 18 in the United States currently suffer from fibromyalgia. This condition causes chronic, widespread pain and tenderness throughout the body, as well as additional symptoms.

Laboratory testing for Lyme disease may be unreliable

Chronic illnesses can be frustrating, and in some cases dangerous, for people who are unable to pinpoint the cause of their symptoms. Unfortunately, numerous diseases can be difficult to diagnose, possibly leading some doctors in Providence to give patients a wrong diagnosis or fail to diagnose an illness entirely. If the wrong medications are prescribed or treatment is delayed or missed, the consequences might be painful, debilitating or life-threatening.

Top reason for medical malpractice suits is failure to diagnose

It is reasonable to expect doctors to properly diagnose a medical condition with the medical advances available today. Unfortunately, many illnesses are missed by physicians in Providence and elsewhere in the country, resulting in a worsened medical condition or death. It can be heartbreaking and stressful for patients and their families when there is a delay in the diagnosis of cancer, heart attacks or other life-threatening conditions. Also, time is of the essence for some conditions, and a delay in treatment can be fatal.

Largest medical malpractice verdict ever awarded in Rhode Island

Unless or until people are personally affected by a preventable medical injury, it can be difficult for them to fully appreciate the impact that such an incident can have. Medical malpractice victims and their families can face immediate and long-term financial difficulties as a result of issues like excessive medical expenses and loss of income. Beyond that, the emotional toll of these types of injuries can be profound as well. It is for that reason that medical malpractice financial awards often account for multiple types of damages.

Recognizing heart attack symptoms and misdiagnosis concerns

Rhode Island cardiologists, emergency room doctors and other medical professionals are trained to promptly and accurately identify the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. After all, they understand that the nature and severity of heart attack symptoms can vary from case to case, and that a number of tests are available to confirm a heart attack diagnosis. If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack and were not properly diagnosed or treated, it is important to understand that your worsened medical condition may have been prevented. That is why the attorneys at DeLuca & Weizenbaum are committed to advocating on behalf of our clients and medical misdiagnosis victims.

Rhode Island malpractice suits must be initiated within 3 years

The National Conference of State Legislatures explains that all states have established laws under which patients may pursue medical malpractice claims. The NCSL also notes that all states have created statutes of limitations for such lawsuits. If a statute of limitations runs out on a claim, the victim cannot pursue legal action against a healthcare provider. As such, it is important for Rhode Island residents to understand how long they have to bring a malpractice lawsuit.  

Why are heart attacks misdiagnosed more in women than in men?

Many in Pawtucket may be under the same assumption regarding heart disease and heart attacks that the rest to the country is. That assumption typically is that men are more much more likely to die from a heart attack than women are. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. In fact, information collected by the American Heart Association and shared by CNN shows that 62 percent of women survive their first heart attack, as opposed to 77 percent of men.

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