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North Providence woman's life threatened by doctor's error

Medical errors committed by a doctor in Providence can cause a number of issues and complications for a patient. Infections, aggravated medical issues, and even allergic reactions have been known to happen when a doctor makes a mistake in the type of treatment or diagnosis that a patient receives. A doctor error can also bring additional pain and suffering to a patient and in some cases create a life-threatening situation.

Study: Healthcare costs not influenced by medical malpractice

Negligent doctors in Providence often cause additional pain and suffering to their patients through the mistakes they make. While many doctors do take great care of their patients, others commit medical errors that are easily preventable, leading to medical malpractice claims and lawsuits. It is the sworn duty of a primary care doctor and others in the healthcare industry to listen to their patients and to properly diagnose their patients’ health issues so that they can receive the proper treatment and recover.

Less hours and the same work load increases doctor errors

Some of the most popular shows on television have been about young doctors working as interns in a hospital setting. However, the shows often glamorize a job that is grueling and challenging. In reality, interns at Providence hospitals are expected to work long hours with little sleep, avoid making medical errors and provide the best quality of care to their patients. As more attention is being placed on delayed diagnosis, medication errors, and the increasing number of risks to patients, some wonder if the traditional intern program is really effective.

Doctor error leads to termination of healthy fetus

You often hear people suggest that it is a good idea to get a second medical opinion because some people have been the victims of misdiagnosis. You may even have a friend or family member who went to more than one doctor in Providence after being told that they had a serious illness or health condition. Indeed, it is always a good idea to have a diagnosis confirmed by more than one doctor or health center in order to avoid becoming the victim of a physician error.

Why do doctor errors continue occurring in a modern world?

When we look at history, it is easy to point out that the lack of education in hygiene and proper medical procedures contributed to many deaths. During the Civil War, thousands of soldiers died because doctors had little knowledge about infections and fevers. However, today we have a vast amount of information and have made significant breakthroughs when it comes to caring for the sick. Yet the number of doctor errors being made seems to indicate that something is still missing.

Study indicates doctor errors caused by heavy work loads

With a shortage of doctors, those in the medical profession will have even more patients to care for as more and more people get access to affordable and regular health care. This could lead to increased risks of doctor errors being made.

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