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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Failure to diagnose leaves 6 year old brain damaged, parents say

When your health is failing, you likely turn to Providence medical professionals to help guide you toward finding a diagnosis. Symptoms are studied, and blood tests, scans and biopsies are ordered with the aim of assisting a doctor in identifying the illness in a time-sensitive manner. The faster the diagnosis, the quicker you or a loved one can be healed.

Translation trouble may result in failure to diagnose

Medical malpractice lawsuits in Rhode Island can be due to a delayed diagnosis, a failure to diagnose the problem and even a misdiagnosis. When a patient does not receive adequate care, or when they are being treated for an ailment that they do not have, thus neglecting the real sickness, the consequences can be devastating and even life threatening.

Misdiagnoses continue to be common problem in health care

For many people in Providence, going to see a doctor can be a stressful experience, especially when a person is having unusual symptoms. The last thing they think about is whether they are going to be a victim of medical misdiagnosis, especially with a serious illness like cancer. However, cancer misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis issues in general are more common than the average patient realizes, putting them at possible risk when that patient fails to receive the treatment that they need.

Sleepy Hollow hospital faces lawsuit for surgical error

When a patient undergoes surgery at a New York hospital, or medical facility, it is the responsibility of that staff to monitor the patient for any sudden changes. Failure to monitor the patient in a proper manner can put that patient unnecessarily at risk, leading to permanent injury and death. Staff should be on the lookout for any sign of a worsened condition such as a drop in heart rate, breathing issues and blood pressure changes.

Misdiagnosis of Hypothyroidism is common for women

While most people in Providence often associate medical misdiagnoses with serious illnesses such as cancer, stroke or heart issues, it is important to remember that a misdiagnosis of any kind can affect the way that a person enjoys life around them. A medical misdiagnosis can result in the wrong kinds of medications being prescribed, which could actually cause the person to suffer additional problems such as depression, mood changes and physical ailments. Therefore it is important for people who believe they have been given a wrong diagnosis to keep searching until they find the right one. 

Misdiagnoses of cancer tied to incomplete medical information

Cancer comes in many forms and it is fast becoming a major killer in our society. Practically everyone in Providence knows someone who has had cancer or died from it. When it comes to cancer, the earlier it is detected and the patient starts receiving treatment for it, the higher the survival rate is. Yet patients are often victims of cancer misdiagnosis, which can greatly impact their chance of beating the disease. For these victims, often the delay in the diagnosis of cancer is a death sentence because by the time the mistake is discovered, they are in the final stage and no treatment can save them.

Lung cancer misdiagnosis not discovered for 2 years

One of the most deadly forms of cancer is lung cancer and it can happen to anyone in Providence, whether they are a smoker, around smoke, or live in a smoke-free environment. The one bright consolation is that if it is detected early, there is a chance to successfully treat the disease.

Medical malpractice insurance may not cover every medical injury

Most doctors and physicians in Rhode Island and around the country fully understand the medical liability risks their practice presents, but there are events that can occur that will not fall under the general definition of medical malpractice, and thus may not be covered under ordinary malpractice insurance. Take for example a case recently discussed in an industry publication where a family sued a hospital and several of its staff members claiming medical negligence after their newborn child suffered a brain injury due to a case of jaundice that went untreated.

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