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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Wife alleges misdiagnosis resulted in her husband's death

Even though most medical professionals in Providence don't care to admit it, the fact is that diagnosing patients often involves guesswork. Signs and symptoms can only tell so much, after all. Yet advances in medical science that have greatly improved diagnostic testing should at least give providers a clear picture of what's going on inside of their patients. It's then up to them to take the results of those diagnostic tests and use their own expertise to come up with the correct diagnosis.

Family claims woman woke up in morgue after being pronounced dead

Most medical malpractice lawsuits filed in Providence that involve a misdiagnosis usually claim that such an error lead to a patient’s suffering or death. Yet what if the misdiagnosis is death? In all seriousness, there is a reason why a qualified medical professional is required in order to pronounce one dead. Yet these professionals are subject to error just like any other medical provider, and as outlandish as it may seem that they might mistakenly diagnose someone as being dead, there is a precedent for such cases.

Woman sues providers who failed to diagnose mother's appendicitis

Patients in Providence place a great deal of trust in their healthcare providers. Advances in imaging studies, laboratory science, and other diagnostic services leave many under the impression that a definitive diagnosis is all but certainty any time they present to their doctors with problems. Yet even with these tools, doctors are still often left with having to diagnose patients off of their signs and symptoms. It’s at this point that their advanced education, training, and years of experience come in handy. While no doctor is infallible, the standard of care is that they should be able to properly diagnose the patient or at least refer him or her to another specialty provider who can. A failure to meet this standard may be met with accusations of negligence.

Doctors found liable after misdiagnosis leads to woman's death

Patients in Providence rely on their healthcare providers being as thorough as possible when attempting to diagnose their ailments. Even in situations where an element of a diagnostic test may be harmful to a patient, alternative methods to detect the suspected condition should still be discussed. Simply ruling a condition or cause out because it wasn’t tested for may be viewed as a failure to meet an established standard of care. Patients may end up paying the ultimate price for such an omission.

Woman left paralyzed after initial misdiagnosis

When someone in Providence says that "Medicine is not an exact science," they're not very far off from the truth. Doctors, PAs, and nurses are really medical detectives that look at the clues (symptoms) presented to them and develop a theory (diagnosis). Then they set to work testing that theory, either proving themselves wrong or verifying their original suspicions. While it should be understood that they are human and will often guess wrong, it's hoped that their extensive training and experience will eventually point them in the right direction. Unfortunately, in healthcare, one is only allowed a certain number of wrong guesses before disaster strikes.

Lawsuit claims hospital lab errors misdiagnosed patients with HIV

When people in Providence think about the word "misdiagnosis," they often associate it with those who've suffered from conditions or illnesses that medical personnel failed to recognize. Yet what about those who've been wrongly diagnosed with a serious condition that they don't actually have? This may surprise some, but often these misdiagnosed patients suffer even more due to the emotional stress that they're forced to endure as they contemplate dealing with the illness. Some may even go so far as to seek treatment for the condition, not realizing that they're endangering themselves by undergoing treatment procedures that they don't need.

Missed TB diagnosis leads to death of mother and newborn daughter

Doctors are often at a disadvantage when diagnosing medical conditions. A lot of it is simply based upon a process of elimination after a review of the patient’s signs and symptoms. However, the expectation is that their education and experience has taught doctors to accurately identify what ailments their patients are suffering from.

Delayed diagnosis results in woman's permanent disability

The key to successfully overcoming many debilitating diseases is early detection. Most healthcare professionals recommend that patients be seen as soon as symptoms begin to develop. However, that early detection is also dependent on a doctor recognizing the symptoms for what they are and accurately diagnosing the problem. While there are some medical conditions that can be difficult to detect, it's hoped that the battery of diagnostic tests that a patient undergoes will at least point doctors in the right direction. If any of those tests seem to give an indication of the patient's problem, yet that's missed or overlooked by doctors, than a patient may have cause to be upset.

Overdiagnosis by doctors a growing problem in the U.S.

One often hears stories in the news about medical malpractice lawsuits in Providence that stem from a doctor’s delay or failure to diagnose a condition in a patient that led to further complications in that patient’s health. While patient rights advocates have tried to serve as watchdogs over health care providers in search of cases of missed or delayed diagnoses, little attention is often paid to what some are now pointing to as a growing trend within the medical industry: overdiagnosis.

Legislation could address the failure to diagnose mental illness

Many are aware of the dangers of a physician or other health care professional’s failure to diagnose cancer, heart attack, or stroke and the potential ramifications that can have for an individual in Providence. But in the wake of recent events involving random acts of mass violence, many are beginning to closely examine the danger in failing to diagnose symptoms of mental illness in an individual.

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