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Medication Errors Archives

Rampant prescribing of medications lands doctor in jail

The number of people in Providence and throughout the rest of the U.S. who’ve struggled with addiction to prescription drugs has grown steadily in recent years. This alarming trend is well-known by many, with some even arguing that patients and/or their family members have a moral responsibility to safeguard themselves and their loved ones from such abuse. Yet it can’t be overlooked that without a willing healthcare provider to prescribe the drugs, the abuse cannot happen. While a doctor’s priority should be to address the needs of his or her patients, he or she also should be able to spot situations of abuse. A failure to see such abuse, or worse yet, an indifference towards it, could certainly be classified as negligence.

Detention center medical staff at the center of malpractice suit

While one does indeed forfeit many of his or her rights upon incarceration, the right to receive adequate healthcare is not one of them. Medical staffs operating in detention centers in Providence and throughout the rest of the country are still charged with delivering care that meets the highest of medical standards. A failure to do so can endanger the lives of inmates and detainees. It also opens up the healthcare providers on the staff and the facility itself to accusations of medical negligence.

Pharmacy mix-up sends woman home with the wrong prescription

Prescription medications can work wonders in combating pain, illness, and infection. They do this by suppressing the effects of certain chemical responses that occur in designated systems of the body. Those in Providence taking prescription medications probably put more thought into the effects the drugs have on them than how they actually deliver that effect. Yet taking incorrect medications can trigger chemical responses within the body that can be harmful or, in some cases, even fatal.

Surgeon facing both civil and federal charges flees country

New scientific breakthroughs in the field of medicine offer newer and often better treatment alternatives to Providence patients all of the time. Yet many of these advances in treatment methodologies and technologies can take a while to gain footing within the medical community. Others, despite initial indications of success, end up doing more harm than good and quickly fall out of favor with doctors. Yet there are often certain providers that choose to employ some these unconventional methods and tools despite their lack of support from their colleagues. When they produce the desired results, these doctors and surgeons are heralded as innovators. However, when they don't, they open themselves up to issues of liability.

Wrong dosage of meningitis medication leaves baby on life support

The discovery of modern medicines and vaccinations has helped to save and prolong life, as well as to cure and, in some cases, even eradicate the occurrence of some diseases. Yet prescription-strength medications are a double-edged sword in that just as they can prove beneficial in treating ailments, they can also be instrumental in causing others. Doctors, PAs, and nurses should all be aware of this fact, as they should be of the potential consequences a patient in Providence faces in the event that they are incorrectly medicated.

Failure to fully read doctor order leads to patient's death

Just like in any other profession, correct and concise communication is vital amongst healthcare workers in Providence. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare technicians are relied upon to work together to execute a patient's plan of care. Yet they also often work in a very fast-paced, high-stress environment where split-second decisions have to be made and certain situations don't allow for in-depth conversation. As such, there are times when communication does break down, leading to incorrect diagnoses, medication errors, and other mistakes that may have tragic consequences.

Studies show VA providers could be overmedicating their patients

Many in Providence may be surprised when they visit their doctors and find them often hesitant to give out prescription-strength medications. Yet what they may not realize is that doctors understand what many of their patients do not: that medications can be as likely to harm as they are to heal. Overmedication has been an issue that medical professionals have faced for years. And recent data and events have shown that there are certain portions of the population that are at a greater risk of being overmedicated.

Overmedication of painkillers may be linked to death

The relationship between a Providence doctor and a patient is founded on trust. A patient must have confidence that a doctor will always have their best interest at heart and be motivated by the need to heal those that are sick. Nowadays there are technological advancements in prescription medication that can cure illness and manage pain. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors use their powers to prescribe these medications to others for motivations that are beyond the scope of healing individuals. Whether it is to facilitate the recreational use of prescription painkillers, or simple financial gain, some medical professionals will continually dispense harmful drugs to patients without thinking about the dangerous side effects that may occur.

Medication study could lead to malpractice lawsuits

Medication has played an important role in the treatment of many diseases and ailments but it also needs to be handled with respect by health care professionals in Providence. A medication error could cause new health issues for a patient or even lead to their death. Negligent pharmaceutical companies have been known to cause severe distress to patients after sending out medications that were tainted and when it comes to experimental medicines, there is often little knowledge about what risks they may pose to a patient.

Becoming more proactive can protect you against medication errors

Every year people die because they have taken the wrong kind of medication. It is common for Providence residents to trust their doctor completely when it comes to the prescription drugs they receive, but pharmacy negligence or a misunderstanding from the doctor themselves, can put people unnecessarily at harm. Overmedication, the wrong dose, and even the wrong type of medication can lead to worsened conditions, new health issues and can even be fatal.

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