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Surgical Errors Archives

Eighteen patients exposed to deadly brain disease during surgery

Most have a strong confidence that the hospitals, medical centers, and clinics throughout Providence devote a lot of effort into making sure that their patients are treated in the most sterile environment possible. The expectation is that standards are in place to ensure that every room is properly cleaned and every instrument is sterilized prior to use. Such expectations may seem like a “no-brainer,” yet the truth behind those standards is that they were often created as a result of past surgical errors. Even with the strictest protocols in place, there’s still nothing that can prevent human error from causing such a standard to not be met again.

Family wants answers after teen left brain dead following surgery

The American healthcare system has earned the reputation of being the finest in the world. That reputation is built upon the outstanding patient outcomes that it produces, allowing for the surgical correction of many physical injuries and ailments that’s not possible in many other countries. So advanced is the science of medicine in the U.S. that the expectation for most patients receiving treatment in Providence or elsewhere around the county is that routine surgery will be just that: routine. Most are performed without any complications. When problems do arise, however, people want to know why.

Surgical tools left in body the #1 cause of patient complications

Doctors in Providence go to school for many years to learn their craft, and then spend many more years honing their skills before they’re permitted to treat patients. Along the same lines, hospitals are required to meet rigorous standards in order to be allowed to offer services to the public. Patients trust that those standards are in place to ensure that they are receiving the highest level of care possible. Usually they are, as a majority of patient outcomes are favorable or at least acceptable. And even though doctors and other healthcare providers aren’t infallible and will occasionally make mistakes, random surgical errors might even be looked at by many with a certain degree of allowance. Yet one thing patients should never be asked to accept from healthcare providers is blatant carelessness.

Dentist's error leaves boy needing prosthesis to conceal damage

People put an enormous amount of trust in their healthcare providers in Providence, and in most cases, that trust is repaid with excellent treatment. However, healthcare providers aren’t infallible. One may argue that they’re only human, and the standards which they are held to are too high. However, the type of specialty work that they do, and the potential impact for good or bad that it can have on the patients that they treat, requires an extremely high standard of care. If and when those standards aren’t met, the consequences can be devastating for the patient.

Woman endures pain after routine surgery was allegedly faked

Surgical mistakes are unfortunately a common occurrence. Providence surgeons work long hours and often under stressful situations. The strain that is placed on their mind and bodies can lead them to perform at subpar levels which will result in seriously negative consequences for their patients. In the news stories abound about medical equipment left inside the victim, failure to properly monitor the patient as well as careless surgeons who acted unprofessionally.  However, you don't often hear about a surgeon being so careless that they don't actually perform a surgery while claiming they did.

Anesthesia mistake led to man's death, medical malpractice suit

Anesthesia allows people in Providence to be operated on without feeling any pain and in most cases the administration of it is a smooth process. However, because multiple drugs are often used, drug mix-ups could prove fatal to a patient since the drugs may control the heartbeat and pulse of the person under their influence. It is therefore imperative that hospital personnel, the anesthesiologist and the surgeon take special care to ensure that patients are receiving the right drugs and the right dosage.

Providence surgical resident authors new survey on limited hours

There seem to be many medical studies being released that center around medical errors and surgeon mistakes. Surveys can be useful for the medical industry because they often reveal information related to routine surgery or hospital policies that may not otherwise be brought to light. For example, a survey on surgery may show that understaffing or lack of communication contributes to problems with post-surgical care or mistakes that are made during the surgery itself.

Woman left unable to care for herself after wrong side surgery

Any kind of surgery is associated with a certain amount of risk but it is the responsibility of doctors and surgical room staff to minimize those risks. A careless surgeon or negligent staff can result in complications for the patient that include permanent damage. These surgical mistakes can lead to years of pain and anguish for the patient and their families as well as untold hardships. When this occurs, patients can seek reparation through filing a lawsuit.

Surgical errors with robotic arm cited in charges against surgeon

In a recent post, we talked about the concern the Food and Drug Administration expressed over the use of robotic surgeons in relation to surgeon errors. These robotic systems are controlled by surgeons and when a surgeon makes an error in judgment, a routine surgery can become much more complicated. It takes special training and concentration on the part of the surgeon to correctly operate a robotic surgeon. People in Providence may want to examine a robot surgery decision more carefully in the light of the recent action taken against a surgeon.

Concern expressed over robot surgical errors

The effects that a patient suffers from when surgical errors are made can be quite severe. Some patients experience complications such as infections or a worsened condition while others must deal with additional surgeries, unsightly scarring or even permanent damage to limbs and organs. When a routine surgery takes a turn for the worse in a Providence hospital, it can take patients months or even years to fully recover, if they recover at all.

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