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Surgical Errors Archives

Woman left infertile after surgical error

Most people in Rhode Island have heard some stories about others who have experienced serious medical errors. The effects of these experiences can be emotionally traumatizing as well as physically debilitating or even life-threatening. Medical mistakes that involve surgeries can even make patients hesitant about ever undergoing another surgical treatment in the future.

Repeat surgery required after error

New England patients who must undergo even the most minor surgical procedure can reasonably be nervous about doing so. Fears about being put under the effects of anesthesia and the challenges associated with recovery are just some of the issues to face. Sadly, those are not the only issues that patients have to think about. Surgeons and others on surgical teams can make mistakes along the way.

Questions to ask before you have surgery

If you need to undergo a surgical procedure in Rhode Island, you should take the time to gather as much information as possible ahead of time. Being fully informed about all aspects of your surgery is an important step in ensuring your own safety before, during and after the surgery. WebMD recommends that you ask your doctor several key questions.

Study suggests complications are common after gastric bypass

For millions of people in Rhode Island and across the United States, obesity causes a wide range of potentially life-threatening health issues. Many people choose weight loss surgery to help them address these concerns and to improve their quality of life. Like all operations, gastric bypass and other weight types of loss surgeries come with risks. Some may have been preventable and can contribute to significant complications.

Wisdom tooth surgery may come with serious risks

It is common for teenagers and young adults across America, including in Rhode Island, to have their wisdom teeth pulled. In most cases, the procedure results in little more than a few days of mild discomfort and swelling. However, there may be more risks involving wisdom teeth surgery than people realize. Some complications may cause lifelong pain, while others can be more serious or life-threatening.

Air embolisms may threaten patient health

Patients in Rhode Island and elsewhere face numerous risks when they go into surgery. Some of these risks, such as adverse reactions to anesthesia, are unforeseeable and may occur despite doctors’ best precautions. Other dangers are the result of a preventable medical mistake. One such risk is an air embolism. This, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, is what happens when air bubbles enter the bloodstream, which may cause a serious health hazard.

How might you avoid post-surgical infections and complications?

Undergoing a surgical procedure may be a cause of fear for many Rhode Island residents who understandably might worry about surgical mistakes. Doctor errors include events such as leaving a sponge inside a patient’s body during surgery, but this is not the only way to suffer from a hospital error. The risk of post-surgical infection is high with about one in every 20 patients receiving an infection in the hospital, as stated by Consumer Reports. Fortunately, there is much you can do to reduce this risk. The preventive steps you could take before and after your procedure might include the following:

Handoff communication errors contribute to patient injuries

When you’re planning on going into surgery, shouldn’t you be able to trust that your doctors and medical staff have it all together and won’t make any mistakes that will be detrimental to your health? You and other Providence residents have the right to expect professional care in the hospital, from the initial check-in procedures all the way through to your discharge. Unfortunately, many hospital patients across the country are harmed every year due to preventable mistakes during routine surgery and other procedures. At DeLuca & Weizenbaum, Ltd., we are prepared to help clients find justice and closure after serious surgical mistakes.

Technological mistakes make up a large portion of medical errors

Patients going in for surgery put a great deal of trust in their surgeons that everything will turn out as planned. After all, these are medical professionals who have gone through years of education and specialized training. Unfortunately for many residents of Providence, as well as elsewhere in the country, surgical mistakes cause serious injuries and worsened medical conditions every year.

The disturbing link between surgery mistakes and distractions

As people’s every day routines and lifestyles continue to be impacted by the increasing use of mobile phones and other devices, more concerns are being raised over user distraction and accident rates. For instance, it is now widely understood that issues relating to cell phone use and distracted driving can have catastrophic consequences for motorists. Similar concerns are being raised by patient advocates and members of the medical industry, and revolve around distractions that occur in the operating room.

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