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Birth Injuries Archives

Family of injured baby calls for ban of forceps during delivery

Childbirth has become so apparently routine in recent years that when issues do occur, expectant parents in Providence want to know why. Due to the frail nature of the babies being delivered, any complications that they experience can easily result in them being left with debilitating injuries which can lead to lifelong developmental complications or, in more extreme cases, death. Those left to deal with the aftermath of such birth injuries often view these incidents not as complications, but errors caused by doctor negligence.

Mother wins settlement after son born with severe brain damage

Thanks to modern medical technology, childbirth in Providence has become a routine procedure from which most mothers and newborns experience little to no complications. Yet sadly, when there are difficulties, the risk of death or of permanent, severe injuries to the baby increases exponentially, often to the point of where if he or she does survive, he or she has sustained serious brain damage or other problems causing developmental delays. These health issues stay with the child and the rest of the family for the remainder of their lives.

Couple sues after doctors attempt vaginal delivery of breech baby

When it comes to the medical field, promises very rarely exist. A health care provider may advise or even champion a certain procedure, medication, or practice while dismissing the risks. Yet patients and providers in Providence should both know that, while studies and experience may indicate strong probabilities, it’s impossible to guarantee the success of a procedure to every patient. If a patient leaves a consultation feeling that way, the provider may be viewed as having misled him or her in an effort to recruit them to the provider’s practice or facility.

Family awarded $4 million by jury in birth injury lawsuit

For expectant parents in Providence, the upcoming delivery of their baby is one of the most exciting times of their lives. Typically, stress is not something greatly associated with these occasions as most people usually believe that they are in good medical hands with their doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff. There are times, however, when the reliance on one’s critical teams fails, and something happens to the baby during delivery. At this stage of development, the tiniest things can cause serious problems with a baby, if a birth injury happens, and negligence can be proven on the part of the provider, than the parents and family may be entitled to compensation.

Nurse allegedly gave pain medication to newborn in error

Unfortunately birth injuries in Providence are not uncommon. Babies have delicate body systems, so even one wrong move by neonatal doctors and nurses can lead an infant on a lifelong course of sickness or disability. For a parent, it is distressing to see your child placed in harm’s way by the same individuals who are supposed to care for them. However, it is almost equally as upsetting to face a load of medical bills due to an error that could have been avoided.

Multimillion dollar settlement reached in birth injury case

An infant who is injured during the birth process in Providence often faces a number of challenges including brain damage, physical impairment, and additional medical care. Mistakes such as the dropping of newborns, administering the wrong medication or amount of medication, and doctor errors can prevent the child from enjoying the same abilities and experiences as other children and be a heartbreaking event for parents.

Family settles birth injury lawsuit after delayed C-section

Four years after the birth of their daughter, a family has settled a lawsuit that claimed a delayed C-section at the hospital resulted in their child suffering a brain injury. Anyone in Rhode Island or elsewhere can really sympathize with this family after reading this story. It begins in January of 2007 when the mother was scheduled to have a C-section, just like she had in her prior births. At 39 weeks into her pregnancy she went to the hospital where she was placed on an external fetal heart monitor by medical staff.

Proper care during delivery can prevent Erb's Palsy birth injury

Erb's Palsy is a common birth injury a child can sustain which can be avoided with proper medical care and treatment during the delivery. Erb's Palsy or brachial plexus dystocia is an injury caused by trauma to the brachial plexus, which involves damage to the nerve tissue of the baby's upper arms and shoulders. It is completely avoidable if the medical staff identifies complications that arise during delivery and take the necessary steps to avoid harming the baby during the childbirth process.

Obstetric Negligence Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Pregnancy can be a scary time. Expectant mothers are warned to stay away from certain foods, household chemicals and any number of additional hazards in order to keep themselves and their babies safe. However, some pregnancy dangers are not preventable.

Medical Negligence May Cause Developmental Disabilities in Kids

Renowned medical physician Dr. Bruce Fagel recently spoke at the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel about the connection between children's developmental disabilities and medical malpractice. He explained that while natural causes are often responsible for developmental delays in children, some cases of developmental disability can be traced back to medical negligence by a doctor, nurse, or the hospital itself.

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