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Surgical Errors Archives

Error during routine surgery leaves woman an amputee

The alleged inexperience of a surgical resident has left one woman disabled for life. She sought medical assistance for an ectopic pregnancy and was originally scheduled for an overnight stay following a routine surgery to have the issue addressed. Rhode Island residents may be interested in the details of the woman's surgery, released in a recent news article. 

Lawsuit against VA: Medical equipment left inside the victim

Surgeons are supposed to be some of the most highly trained and experienced of all health care professionals. Simply put, lives depend on their skills. One of the most upsetting types of surgical error may be cases involving medical equipment left inside the victim, since there are safeguards in place to prevent such egregious, life-threatening mistakes. If individuals can't rely on their doctors to follow such protocols, who can they trust?

Surgical error associated with durotomy may be malpractice

An incision in the membrane surrounding the spinal cord could lead to problems for patients. Durotomy, as the incision is known, could arise from a surgical error and may result in cerebral spinal fluid leakage if not quickly resolved. Rhode Island residents may be interested to learn more about the study of 48 durotomy cases performed by researchers, which gives more details about the problem and the malpractice cases that followed.

Delayed post-surgical care results in large award for woman

A several hour delay was determined to be the cause of one woman's paralysis. The individual was seen at a hospital for a routine surgery, and later difficulty swallowing caused her to return to the hospital for post\-surgical care. Unfortunately, the care did not come soon enough and the woman was left severely disabled. Individuals in Rhode Island may take note of the woman's problems should they ever face a similar issue in the future. 

Could time of day have an impact on surgical error?

Medical institutions, including surgical centers, are frequently reviewing their methods and histories to better understand why complications occur. Sometimes, people are harmed during a surgery due to the failure of a surgeon, whether the individual is fatigued, ill-prepared or negligent in some other way. A surgical error can lead to serious problems for a patient, potentially causing greater disability or even death. Individuals in Rhode Island may be interested to learn about recent published research that shows that the time of a surgery can affect complications due to surgery. 

Woman seeks award for surgical error

A mistake during surgery has left one woman suffering from the effects. The individual suffered a cut to her rectum during a laparoscopic surgery to treat her endometriosis. She is seeking awards for her economic and non-economic damages due to the surgical error. Although the incident did not occur in Rhode Island, local individuals may be interested to learn of her story and perhaps compare it to their own experience. 

Surgical malpractice risks include medication, timely referral

In December of 2016, the Food and Drug Administration released a warning on some anesthesia and sedative drugs, stating that their use in children may lead to negative neurological and behavioral effects. The FDA later released an update on the issue, stating that medically necessary surgeries should not be delayed because of anesthesia concerns, but that a delay of potentially elective surgeries should be given consideration. The announcements have some Rhode Island surgeons considering the effects of the new information on risks of surgical malpractice

Rhode Island: Surgical error is preventable with precautions

Most patients go into surgery with faith in their physicians. They hope, at least, the correct site will be operated on and no surgical error will be made. In Rhode Island over a decade ago, one hospital was guilty of allowing five wrong-site surgeries to happen within a span of three years resulting in fines and policy changes. When physicians make serious errors, patients must turn to medical malpractice lawsuits to rectify the situation. 

Doctor mistakes man’s left for right testicle during surgery

Perhaps the most devastating consequence of medical and surgical errors in Providence County is the loss of confidence in healthcare providers that the people who suffer through them are left with. It may be understandable that doctors and surgeons will make an occasional error in judgment, yet most would expect them to be able to avoid blatant mistakes like wrong site surgeries. As such issues are typically attributed to a simple lack of planning and verification, one can only assume that surgeons who commit such errors can only claim carelessness as the reason for making them.

Errors from separate surgeries cited in lawsuit

Whenever a patient seeks surgical treatment at any of the hospitals or medical centers in Providence County, the potential exists for there to be complications. Such issues may arise due to errors made during the performance of a procedure itself, or a failure to render adequate care during the post-operative period. While the mechanisms of these complications may differ (e.g. intraoperative issues, surgical site infections), the results that they produce are often the same: severe impairments that can dramatically alter one's standard of living.

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