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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Parents claim delayed diagnosis factor in infant's death

For parents in Rhode Island and across the country, there is nothing scarier than knowing that their child is sick. They are forced to rely on medical professionals who are often overworked to ensure that their children receive necessary care. Unfortunately, parents in another state have recently settled a medical malpractice lawsuit that claimed a delayed diagnosis contributed to their infant son's death.

Delayed diagnosis caused man's death

Cancer is always a scary diagnosis. However, with today's advances in technology and the research that has been conducted, a cancer diagnosis is often not a death sentence if caught in time. A delayed diagnosis can often wreak havoc for patients in Rhode Island and across the country. Unfortunately, the family of a deceased man claims that had their father received a cancer diagnosis earlier, the illness may have been cured.

Family prevails in claim that delayed diagnosis led to transplant

Many parents in Rhode Island have concerns about the health of their children. Because they often have little medical training, they seek guidance from a trained professional -- often, a pediatrician. Unfortunately, a lawsuit in another state alleges that a young girl had to undergo a kidney transplant as a result of a delayed diagnosis.

Veteran suffers medical misdiagnosis at VA clinic

A case of a urine sample mix-up led to problems for a Veterans Affairs hospital. A recent news story gives more details about a man who did not receive the proper treatment at the military hospital. Although he was eventually able to get treatment, the medical misdiagnosis allegedly caused increased pain and suffering for the man. Veterans seeking treatment in Rhode Island hospitals may be interested to learn more about the details of the story. 

Failure to diagnose embolism results in man's death

Diseases typically present with a specific set of signs and symptoms that physicians are trained to recognize. Recently, when a man showed signs of pulmonary embolism after a surgery, the physician's failure to diagnose his condition led to an unfortunate, untimely demise. His family took the case to court and won. Individuals in Rhode Island may benefit from learning about his case by becoming more aware of the signs and symptoms of embolism. Any family similarly affected will also benefit by learning about their options for getting justice after medical malpractice. 

Stroke misdiagnosis more common for certain groups

Doctors are continually reviewing their methods in order to improve outcomes for their patients. One recent study took a look at stroke misdiagnosis and identified some statistics and some potential areas for improvement. The study data may be of use to patients and physicians in Rhode Island as they strive for more accurate diagnosis of this neurological issue. 

Advances in dental tech can reduce failure to diagnose cases

Some elements of dentistry have remained the same for decades, even though in the modern age they seem somewhat outdated. Probing, the process in which a dentist checks for deep pockets caused by gum disease, is completed with a sharp metal rod and can be inaccurate. Considering that the most frequent reason that periodontists are sued is because of failure to diagnose, dentists and patients in Rhode Island are ready for a better solution. 

When should you seek a second opinion?

Being misdiagnosed can really put you in a dangerous position, as your diagnosis affects the care you receive (or recommended lack thereof). You no doubt want to trust your doctor in Providence County, yet with so much on the line, can you afford not to consider seeking a second opinion?

Determining the reasons behind short visit times

Your primary care doctor in Providence County may take the time to ask questions about your family, your job, and other personal details before giving you a thorough evaluation. Yet what if you are unable to see your regular physician, or you do not have one at all? Many of those who come to see us here at DeLuca and Weizenbaum LTD describe scenarios where they felt as though rushed visits by doctors ended up with them being misdiagnosed. If you feel as though you did not receive enough attention from a physician during a visit, you may justly want to know why.

Highlighting the difficulty in tracking diagnostic error rates

Working professionals in Providence County likely face some form of evaluation system in their jobs, particularly in how they identify errors in their workflow. Most may assume that if their work is being scrutinized, so too is that of other professionals. For doctors, identifying errors is most applicable to diagnosing patients. Thus, many may think that doctors are evaluated based upon their diagnostic accuracy. Yet as shocking as it may seem, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a lack of standardized measurement strategies makes it difficult for researchers to include diagnostic accuracy among the quality measurements used to evaluate doctor performance.

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