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Woman claims medical malpractice caused a lifetime of pain

For most families in Rhode Island, the birth of a child marks the start of a new exciting path in life. However, mistakes made during the delivery process can often create an unexpected path. For a woman in another state, medical malpractice allegedly resulted in a life path filled with pain.

Lawsuit claims hospital allowed unqualified doctor to practice

Patients in Rhode Island and across the country put their lives in the hands of medical care providers. They expect that their doctors will be able to diagnosis and treat their ills. They also have the reasonable expectation that those who hire doctors will go through the proper checks to ensure that a candidate for a position is qualified. Unfortunately, a lawsuit filed in another state claims that the man who allegedly caused a man's death was an unqualified doctor in addition to being mentally unfit.

Woman awarded over $24 million in medical malpractice case

For most families in Rhode Island, the birth of a child is a time of celebration and happiness. Unfortunately, the aftermath of delivery turned into a nightmare for one family in another state. A medical malpractice lawsuit filed against the hospital as a result of the harm the woman suffered recently resulted in a significant financial award.

Medical malpractice cases repeat common patterns of negligence

The shocking statistic reported nationwide in recent years, including in Rhode Island, is that medical negligence represents the third highest cause of human fatalities next to heart disease and cancer. That statistic is a powerful counter to those who would further restrict the ability of victimized patients to file medical malpractice claims. When a medical provider falls below the minimal standard of care required of his or her peers in that medical specialty, liability for damages will be attributed to the provider.

Doctor faces medical malpractice case in man's death

Did one doctor's pending legal case lead him to fail in his care to another patient? That is the allegation of one recent medical malpractice lawsuit. A physician is facing charges of medical negligence, as is the hospital he worked for and the group who owned the hospital. Individuals in Rhode Island who are interested in learning more about doctor errors may be interested in the details of this recent and developing story. 

Veteran dies after alleged medical negligence

A man seeking aid for chest pain and shortness of breath was initially turned away and then later offered delayed care. Unfortunately, this person later died while waiting on medical treatment. His widow alleges that the veteran's hospital is guilty of medical negligence and has brought a lawsuit. Sadly, this issue can occur in any state, so veterans in Rhode Island may be able to learn something from this case. 

VA doctors accused of medical malpractice

The Department of Veterans Affairs was established to support veterans who have been harmed in performing their duty to protect and serve the citizens of the United States. Since veterans have sacrificed in the name of the greater good, many believe that the VA owes the best treatment for disease and injuries to these individuals. Unfortunately, a recent news investigation showed that the VA may be lax in hiring physicians with a history of medical malpractice. For veterans in Rhode Island, this situation can become very problematic. 

Woman awarded $1.2 million from medical malpractice suit

These days, patient safety is a top priority at medical facilities across the country. Doctors in Rhode Island are highly trained, skilled professionals that have access to state of the art equipment to make surgeries and other medical procedures safer than ever before. However, surgeons and doctors are also human and humans will make mistakes. Unfortunately, when mistakes happen during surgery, the patient suffers the consequences. Recently, a woman in another state was awarded over $1 million from a medical malpractice lawsuit she filed after an alleged surgical mistake.

Is opioid dependence the result of medical negligence?

The opioid epidemic is getting much attention from news media and governmental agencies. Climbing numbers of addicts and overdoses have resulted in intensified scrutiny as officials think of ways to stop the negative effects of opioid overdoses. Some families consider holding physicians responsible, and lawsuits for medical negligence are on the rise. Even the tiny state of Rhode Island is seeing its fair share of problems from opioid addiction. How does drug dependency relate to medical negligence? 

Many deaths caused by medical error, report says

Heart disease, cancer and respiratory disease are commonly understood as the top causes of death in the United States. Rhode Island readers may be interested in a recent report that reveals medical error accounts for an large portion of deaths, due to medication mistakes, surgical errors and missed diagnoses. Researchers feel that increased awareness, and owning up to the issue, can help ameliorate the issue.

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