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Birth Injuries Archives

Who may be named as defendants in a cerebral palsy lawsuit?

When parents in Rhode Island have to deal with the consequences of their child suffering a birth injury, there might be questions about whom to hold responsible. The repercussions of a birth injury such as cerebral palsy will be life-changing, and financial relief will be essential. While the doctor is typically the first person to be blamed, procedures at the medical facility or hospital may indicate partial liability.

Birth injury for baby gouged by hook

For one family, the delivery of their newborn child came with an upsetting revelation. Their child suffered a birth injury due to the use of an amniotic hook during the delivery. After the birth, the child was rushed off and suffered some complications immediately after delivery. The recent news story shed some more light on the details for curious individuals in Rhode Island. 

Complications in the delivery process a problem in the U.S.

Expectant mothers are experiencing problems during childbirth for a number of reasons. The Centers for Disease Control report that more than 135 expectant and new mothers every day are experiencing complications in the delivery process. Some of the problems can be attributed to maternal health factors, but for others, a delay and denial of common symptoms of complications by medical staff become an issue. Mothers in Rhode Island who have experienced similar issues may be interested in some of the data surrounding the trend. 

Childbirth injury affects thousands of infants yearly

Every pregnancy comes with certain risks. One of the risks of pregnancy is the risk of childbirth injury. Such injuries affect thousands of children in the United States every year, including in the state of Rhode Island. Some medical injuries are not preventable, but some others definitely are preventable and occur due to medical negligence. 

Erb's palsy can leave lasting disability

A parent wants to protect and nurture her child from the moment the child comes into the world. When the child suffers an injury at birth, the parent can feel distress. An injury such as Erb's palsy, also known as Brachial Plexus Palsy, can leave permanent damage and disability in its wake. In Rhode Island, physicians are duty-bound to take every known precaution to prevent this type of injury, but unfortunately, not every case is prevented. 

Birth injury affects mom, too

The arrival of a new child is meant to be a celebration. But sometimes events occur that can be difficult. A birth injury can be troublesome for both mother and child, and is sometimes known as traumatic birth syndrome. Some Rhode Island mothers may be able to relate to the experience of this syndrome, and may be looking for answers on how to handle it. 

A birth injury does not always lead to lawsuit

Childbirth can be a life-changing experience. Unfortunately for some, the birth process leads to a birth injury for their beloved newborn. For interested new mothers in Rhode Island, a recent news story tells why some mothers do not sue doctors who make them victims of malpractice, and it reviews the reasons why lawsuits can help physicians remain accountable for their negligent actions.

Rhode Island laws tackle opioid overmedication

The opioid epidemic is increasing yearly, and lawmakers are searching for ways to combat it. Some doctors have fallen into the opioid epidemic and are playing their part in making the problem worse by overprescribing the drugs or by illegally participating in prescription-writing schemes. Opioid overmedication is a serious problem that can cost lives. A recent new story shares how new Rhode Island legislation is tackling the medication issue. 

Examining the different types of pelvises

There are many things that an expectant mother in Providence County can do to help avoid the potential of delivery complications, such as maintaining a healthy weight or taking prenatal vitamins. However, there are also certain factors beyond a mother’s control that can end up impacting their deliveries, as well. One of these is the size and shape of her pelvis.

Baby suffers brain damage due to doctor's failure to act

Even though advances in field of obstetrics have helped to drastically improve the outcomes of deliveries in Providence County, it should still be remembered that giving birth is a complex process, during which any number of complications may occur. The complexity of childbirth often requires doctors to be at their absolute best, ready to make decisions at a moment’s notice that could end up drastically affecting the life of a baby as well as his or her family. One can only imagine the problems that may arise if a delivering mother does not have her doctor’s full and undivided attention during this process.

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