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December 2016 Archives

Why is it so hard to find a good primary care doctor these days?

You may have noticed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a primary care physician in Providence County these days. Why is that? Information shared by the Center for Health Journalism of the University of Southern California shows that American medical schools churn out an average of 20,000 graduates a year. So why can’t you seem to find one of these new doctors?

Are you any safer in a clinic than in a hospital?

If you are like most in Providence County, then you likely view going to the hospital for treatment with a certain degree of apprehension. Yet due you exhibit the same hesitancy when visiting a local healthcare clinic? Information shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that compared to hospitals, clinics handle much higher volumes of patients seeking outpatient services. Their data shows that in 2012, over 928 million Americans sought care from physician’s offices and clinics, while in 2011, just under 128 million people went to hospitals for such services. Given the huge discrepancy in the number of visits between the two types of facilities, you might assume you have a greater risk of suffering from a provider error at a clinic.

Medical center facing lawsuits from five former patients

When Providence County residents think about the hospitals and healthcare clinics in the region, they likely hold a certain degree of respect for the resources these facilities offer and the service provided by those working in them. However, even the most respected hospitals with the most decorated staffs may not be immune to mistakes. Some may argue that a single error here or there should not be used to damage a healthcare facility’s reputation. At the same time, failing to report such incidents and to attempt to hold the providers responsible for them accountable could be end up perpetuating the problem of a single facility producing an alarming error rate.

How well does your doctor know your medical history?

As you are sitting in an examination room in a Providence County clinic waiting to be seen by a doctor, you likely assume that the reason for any delay in your receiving treatment is at least partly because the physician is reviewing your medical record. Yet have you ever wondered what information is contained in your records, and how far the doctors examining them go to get the information needed to deliver quality care?

How clean are your healthcare provider’s hands?

When you present as a patient at a hospital or healthcare facility in Providence County, you likely have (at the very least) one basic expectation: cleanliness. You anticipate that the rooms will be treated in have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and that those treating you follow strict hygiene standards. Yet what if you were told that when it comes to latter, that expectation is not always being met? In fact, information shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that many healthcare providers clean their hands less than half as often as they should.

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