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November 2016 Archives

When STDs are mistaken for UTIs

Those in Providence County who may have a sexually transmitted disease may certainly want to know that. Unfortunately, as some of our clients here at DeLuca and Weizenbaum have had the misfortunate to find out, the potential of misdiagnosing an STD may be high. Many of the symptoms indicating the presence of an STD may be similar to other ailments. In men, these are often easier to differentiate. Yet if you are a woman, the question of whether or not you may have an STD may be harder to answer.

Lawsuit alleges forceps injury caused baby’s brain damage

New parents in Providence County may inherit a whole new set of responsibilities when their babies arrive. Meeting those responsibilities for a brand new healthy baby can strain a couples’ physical and emotional resources. Plus, there are plenty of new expenses that accompany a newborn, as well. Imagine how much greater the emotional stress and financial strain may be if, along with assuming all of the traditional responsibilities of parenthood, a couple were also forced to deal with the aftermath of a debilitating birth injury to their baby.

Who is responsible for adverse reactions to medications?

When your doctor in Providence County prescribes you a medication, you take it likely trusting that his or her confidence in it is enough of a guarantee regarding its safety. You should remember, however, that medications are made by pharmaceutical companies whose goals may at times be focused more on profits than patient safety. If a prescription drug does cause you or a loved one harm, who should be blamed: your doctor or the drug manufacturer?

The risk of overreliance on standalone HPV screenings

When you choose a primary care physician in Providence County and then follow his or her recommended schedule of preventative treatments and visits, the expectation may be that you will be able to avoid certain illnesses and conditions. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than with your obstetrics and gynecology provider. Starting in your teens, you typically begin the necessary-yet-sometimes-uncomfortable process of receiving a routine pap smear. The purpose of this checkup is to help you avoid conditions such as cervical cancer. Yet as some of the women that we here at DeLuca and Weizenbaum have worked with in past may attest to, cervical cancer screenings are not infallible.

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