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October 2016 Archives

Examining pre-operative care standards

People in Providence County may view the potential of a person having the wrong body part operated on almost jokingly. After all, few may attribute the incompetence assumed to be involved in such an error to doctors and surgeons, who for the most part are viewed by the general public as being very learned individuals. Those who claim that wrong site surgeries are few and far between seem to be supported by evidence. Information shared by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that such errors only occur in one of every 112,000 surgical cases. However, the AHRQ recognizes that data only reflects operating room procedures, and not surgical cases performed outside of the OR. Indeed, it is estimated that as many as half of such errors occur in these settings.

The potential for misdiagnosis of cervical spinal stenosis

Like most in Providence County, you likely accept the fact that certain aspects of your health may begin to deteriorate as you age. Yet that does not mean that you should be forced to live with daily pain and discomfort. Yet we at DeLuca and Weizenbaum LTD understand that the trouble with providers dismissing your pain as being age-related without investigating its cause lies in the potential for the underlying condition to worsen, taking an even greater toll on your quality of life.

Understanding assisted deliveries

Most in Providence County would likely agree that obstetrical and gynecological science has come quite a ways from the days when the delivery process often presented life-threatening complications to both mothers and babies. That may largely be due to the many tools that doctors now have to assist women with delivery. However, in many cases, the very tools that doctors use to try and avoid complications can end up being the avenues through which harm is caused.

What are drug administration routes?

Most in Providence County may tell you that drug errors occur when a healthcare provider gives a patient the wrong medication. While this certainly may be among the more common types of medication mistakes, the truth is that drug errors can occur any number of different ways. Almost as important as receiving the right drug is being administered the recommended dosage at the correct concentration. Beyond that, the administration route must also be considered. What are drug routes? They are the various methods through which a medication is introduced into your body.

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