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September 2016 Archives

20 years later, doctor admits to lying about malpractice case

People in Providence County may place a great deal of trust in their healthcare providers. The expectation that comes with that is that their doctors and other caregivers will reciprocate that trust. However, information that has begun to emerge from within the medical industry in recent seems to cast doubt on that idea. Many healthcare practitioners today admit to feeling pressure to side with their colleagues when allegations of medical malpractice arise. Studies have even shown that providers may be reluctant to share information with patients about errors in their treatment. Some may say that these accusations and alleged admissions may only be given under the condition of anonymity, and thus are not verifiable. That is not the case anymore.

Who are the members of your surgical team?

When you are scheduled for surgery in Providence County, you may feel as though the only provider that you are placing your trust and confidence in is your surgeon. In reality, however, complex surgical procedures are almost never performed by a single provider. Your procedure will typically require an entire surgical team if it is to be completed successfully. Understanding who the various team members are and what their responsibilities may be during your surgery may be helpful information for you to have prior to entering into the operating room.

Understanding the ED triage process

When you present to an emergency department in Providence County, you may feel, like everyone else, that you require immediate treatment. Yet we at DeLuca and Weizenbaum can attest to the fact that ED practitioners may error in determining which patients need to be seen first. However, there are recommended standards that, if followed properly, should discern whether your condition needs to be treated immediately.

Examining the lifetime cost of cerebral palsy

One of the more common problems to result from complications during delivery is oxygen deprivation. During the time a baby’s brain is deprived of oxygen, extensive and irreversible brain may occur. Often, the babies that suffer such damage may end up developing cerebral palsy, a condition characterized by motor and cognitive deficiencies that remain with them throughout their lives. According to information shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 10 percent of cerebral palsy cases in America are due to brain damage suffered at birth. Those Providence County families whose infants are stricken with this condition may face a future in which their physical and emotional resources may be strained as they work to care for these children. Beyond that, they could also be left to deal with inordinate financial expenses.

Why are women more likely to have a heart disease misdiagnosis?

Heart disease has proven to be the top cause of death among men and women in America. Yet despite the lack of gender bias that this condition seems to observe, women in Providence County may be more likely to die from it than men. This may be due to the fact that, according to information shared by AARP, Inc., if you are a woman, then you may be seven times more likely to have your symptoms misdiagnosed than a man. Some point to the notion that many may still subscribe to that heart disease is a man’s condition. Indeed, much of the early research into diagnosing the signs and symptoms of heart disease and heart attacks was conducted primarily with men.

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