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July 2016 Archives

Detailing the need for medical interpreting services

It may not be uncommon to hear people in and around Providence County speaking a language other than English. Given the diverse mix of ethnicities in the U.S., you may assume that most providers of professional services, including healthcare, understand the need to be able to communicate in a different language. However, research data seems to show that when language differences exist between doctors and patients, there may be a significant risk of vital information being “lost in translation.” As we at DeLuca and Weizenbaum LTD can confirm, the results of poor communication in healthcare can be devastating.

What if you are given the wrong medication?

If you are like most in Providence County, then it has likely been drilled into your head since you were young to be careful not to take the wrong medication. However, if you have been prescribed a medication by a doctor and secured it through a licensed pharmacy, then most may find it reasonable for you to assume that you have the correct drug. Even if you pay close attention to the drug label, your lack of familiarity with prescription drug names may not tip you off to possibly having been given the wrong medication. So what should you do if you are given the wrong drug and end up taking it?

Taking a closer look at surgical site infections

While surgical science may have come a long way in recent years, the experiences of many of those we help here at DeLuca and Weizenbaum LTD have taught us that cutting into the human body is rarely routine. While the potential for complications should not scare you away from having necessary surgery in Providence County, you should still know that problems may occur even after your surgery is completed. One such problem is a surgical site infection.

Doctor sues his own hospital over patient misdiagnosis

For many in Providence County, the value placed on a second medical opinion may not be high due to the assumption that doctors may tend to support each other’s diagnoses no matter what. It should be remembered, however, that a doctor’s first responsibility is ensuring the well-being of his or her patients, not protecting a contemporary’s reputation. In fact, some patients may find other doctors to be among their strongest advocates in remedying any wrong done to them.

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