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September 2015 Archives

Possible dangers surrounding treatment for breech presentation

Sometimes a pregnancy does not go as expected, even when the mother and baby are diagnosed as healthy. It is not uncommon, for example, for mothers in Providence to be told that their babies are breech in the womb. A breech baby is one who has not turned head-down, which is the normal and safest position for a natural delivery.

ER wait times streamlined, still may be too long for emergencies

A visit to the emergency room is not something most people in Providence would look forward to, even under the best circumstances. Aside from considering the fear and pain of a situation that could land a person in the ER, there is a widespread belief that emergency room waits are overly long. In recent years, many hospitals across the country have made improvements to their procedures that get patients in and out of the ER in an efficient and streamlined way – at least in comparison to the way things were run before. However, ER wait times remain a concern for many patients, especially if a mistake may lead to someone not being treated quickly enough in a life-threatening emergency.

Handoff communication errors contribute to patient injuries

When you’re planning on going into surgery, shouldn’t you be able to trust that your doctors and medical staff have it all together and won’t make any mistakes that will be detrimental to your health? You and other Providence residents have the right to expect professional care in the hospital, from the initial check-in procedures all the way through to your discharge. Unfortunately, many hospital patients across the country are harmed every year due to preventable mistakes during routine surgery and other procedures. At DeLuca & Weizenbaum, Ltd., we are prepared to help clients find justice and closure after serious surgical mistakes.

Laboratory testing for Lyme disease may be unreliable

Chronic illnesses can be frustrating, and in some cases dangerous, for people who are unable to pinpoint the cause of their symptoms. Unfortunately, numerous diseases can be difficult to diagnose, possibly leading some doctors in Providence to give patients a wrong diagnosis or fail to diagnose an illness entirely. If the wrong medications are prescribed or treatment is delayed or missed, the consequences might be painful, debilitating or life-threatening.

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