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June 2014 Archives

Long-delayed lawsuit results in multi-million dollar settlement

Medical malpractice lawsuits in Providence can often be very complex. Any number of different factors may cause them to be thrown out, leaving those who were the victims of the alleged malpractice without the means to deal with its consequences. Yet the dismissal of a lawsuit doesn’t necessarily mean that the matter can’t be revisited. In certain circumstances, a plaintiff may be able to re-file a lawsuit later on should the circumstances surrounding the case change.

Cancer patient discovers that doctors removed wrong kidney

When patients in Providence walk into the doctor’s office, one thing that they won’t see is sign stating that the doctor offers a money back guarantee. Despite the many advances made in medical science, healthcare providers still may encounter limitations when it comes to accurately diagnosing all of the patients that they see. However, today’s diagnostic tools offer doctors views of what’s going on inside of their patients that their predecessors could only dream of. Those tools should be able to help providers avoid surgical mistakes. However, no amount of technology can eliminate human error.

False HIV diagnosis blamed for the loss of woman's unborn baby

Advances in pharmacological science over the years have saved millions of lives. Today, patients in Providence have access to a wide array of drugs and medications aimed at treating both minor and severe illnesses. Yet for all of their lifesaving potential, many medications also carry with them some unwelcome side effects. Patients suffering from severe ailments will often put up with these side effects because they know their medications are necessary if they hope to improve. Yet when incorrect diagnoses lead to prescription medication errors, those who suffer from these side effects may be less likely to endure such suffering quietly.

Woman sues the doctors who misdiagnosed her encephalitis

Despite all of the advances made in the medical industry in recent years, medicine can still be classified as an evolving science. Doctors and other healthcare providers in Providence and across the rest of the country see countless patients day after day, most of whom are suffering from fairly common ailments. It’s through the experience in spotting and treating these ailments combined with their education that helps healthcare providers to hone their diagnostic skills. Yet unfortunately, not every doctor can be right in his or her diagnosis all of time. When a misdiagnosis does occur, patients may suffer from delayed treatment while their doctors open themselves up to accusations of negligence.

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