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March 2014 Archives

Woman sues providers who failed to diagnose mother's appendicitis

Patients in Providence place a great deal of trust in their healthcare providers. Advances in imaging studies, laboratory science, and other diagnostic services leave many under the impression that a definitive diagnosis is all but certainty any time they present to their doctors with problems. Yet even with these tools, doctors are still often left with having to diagnose patients off of their signs and symptoms. It’s at this point that their advanced education, training, and years of experience come in handy. While no doctor is infallible, the standard of care is that they should be able to properly diagnose the patient or at least refer him or her to another specialty provider who can. A failure to meet this standard may be met with accusations of negligence.

Lawsuit claims hospital failed in handling of patient's drug test

Most in Providence would assume that all lawsuits filed against hospitals involve negligent care that resulted in a patient’s injury. Yet one aspect of healthcare that’s often overlooked is patient rights. While doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are charged with treating their patients’ physical ailments, they are required at the same to respect patients’ rights to make all of the decisions involving their care. Providers open themselves up to accusations of medical negligence should this right not be recognized, even in cases where there is no physical harm to the patient.

Detention center medical staff at the center of malpractice suit

While one does indeed forfeit many of his or her rights upon incarceration, the right to receive adequate healthcare is not one of them. Medical staffs operating in detention centers in Providence and throughout the rest of the country are still charged with delivering care that meets the highest of medical standards. A failure to do so can endanger the lives of inmates and detainees. It also opens up the healthcare providers on the staff and the facility itself to accusations of medical negligence.

Eighteen patients exposed to deadly brain disease during surgery

Most have a strong confidence that the hospitals, medical centers, and clinics throughout Providence devote a lot of effort into making sure that their patients are treated in the most sterile environment possible. The expectation is that standards are in place to ensure that every room is properly cleaned and every instrument is sterilized prior to use. Such expectations may seem like a “no-brainer,” yet the truth behind those standards is that they were often created as a result of past surgical errors. Even with the strictest protocols in place, there’s still nothing that can prevent human error from causing such a standard to not be met again.

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