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January 2014 Archives

Surgeon facing both civil and federal charges flees country

New scientific breakthroughs in the field of medicine offer newer and often better treatment alternatives to Providence patients all of the time. Yet many of these advances in treatment methodologies and technologies can take a while to gain footing within the medical community. Others, despite initial indications of success, end up doing more harm than good and quickly fall out of favor with doctors. Yet there are often certain providers that choose to employ some these unconventional methods and tools despite their lack of support from their colleagues. When they produce the desired results, these doctors and surgeons are heralded as innovators. However, when they don't, they open themselves up to issues of liability.

Wrong dosage of meningitis medication leaves baby on life support

The discovery of modern medicines and vaccinations has helped to save and prolong life, as well as to cure and, in some cases, even eradicate the occurrence of some diseases. Yet prescription-strength medications are a double-edged sword in that just as they can prove beneficial in treating ailments, they can also be instrumental in causing others. Doctors, PAs, and nurses should all be aware of this fact, as they should be of the potential consequences a patient in Providence faces in the event that they are incorrectly medicated.

Family of injured baby calls for ban of forceps during delivery

Childbirth has become so apparently routine in recent years that when issues do occur, expectant parents in Providence want to know why. Due to the frail nature of the babies being delivered, any complications that they experience can easily result in them being left with debilitating injuries which can lead to lifelong developmental complications or, in more extreme cases, death. Those left to deal with the aftermath of such birth injuries often view these incidents not as complications, but errors caused by doctor negligence.

Woman left paralyzed after initial misdiagnosis

When someone in Providence says that "Medicine is not an exact science," they're not very far off from the truth. Doctors, PAs, and nurses are really medical detectives that look at the clues (symptoms) presented to them and develop a theory (diagnosis). Then they set to work testing that theory, either proving themselves wrong or verifying their original suspicions. While it should be understood that they are human and will often guess wrong, it's hoped that their extensive training and experience will eventually point them in the right direction. Unfortunately, in healthcare, one is only allowed a certain number of wrong guesses before disaster strikes.

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