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December 2013 Archives

Issues in doctor's personal life lead to license being suspended

Most in Providence would like the details of their private lives kept out of the public arena given that such matters should be considered just that: private. Yet too often, problems in people's private lives often spill out into their public ones. This is most often present in the workplace, where it can be difficult to mask personal issues in the performance of one's job. And if one's job involves working with others, specifically putting the safety of others into his or her hands, than one's personal problems not only open him or her up to public scrutiny, but liability issues as well.

Family wants answers after teen left brain dead following surgery

The American healthcare system has earned the reputation of being the finest in the world. That reputation is built upon the outstanding patient outcomes that it produces, allowing for the surgical correction of many physical injuries and ailments that’s not possible in many other countries. So advanced is the science of medicine in the U.S. that the expectation for most patients receiving treatment in Providence or elsewhere around the county is that routine surgery will be just that: routine. Most are performed without any complications. When problems do arise, however, people want to know why.

Surgeon faces over 260 medical malpractice lawsuits

Nearly all healthcare providers in Providence take their charge of caring for their patient’s very seriously. A medical malpractice lawsuit isn’t meant to be an indictment on a doctor’s character; rather, most medical malpractice cases center around a doctor or other healthcare provider inadvertently making a medical error that lead to a patient’s injury or death. Yet every so often, there comes a doctor who uses the trust associated with his or her position to abuse both the healthcare system and the patients that he or she treats.

Failure to fully read doctor order leads to patient's death

Just like in any other profession, correct and concise communication is vital amongst healthcare workers in Providence. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare technicians are relied upon to work together to execute a patient's plan of care. Yet they also often work in a very fast-paced, high-stress environment where split-second decisions have to be made and certain situations don't allow for in-depth conversation. As such, there are times when communication does break down, leading to incorrect diagnoses, medication errors, and other mistakes that may have tragic consequences.

Lawsuit claims hospital lab errors misdiagnosed patients with HIV

When people in Providence think about the word "misdiagnosis," they often associate it with those who've suffered from conditions or illnesses that medical personnel failed to recognize. Yet what about those who've been wrongly diagnosed with a serious condition that they don't actually have? This may surprise some, but often these misdiagnosed patients suffer even more due to the emotional stress that they're forced to endure as they contemplate dealing with the illness. Some may even go so far as to seek treatment for the condition, not realizing that they're endangering themselves by undergoing treatment procedures that they don't need.

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