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November 2013 Archives

Mother wins settlement after son born with severe brain damage

Thanks to modern medical technology, childbirth in Providence has become a routine procedure from which most mothers and newborns experience little to no complications. Yet sadly, when there are difficulties, the risk of death or of permanent, severe injuries to the baby increases exponentially, often to the point of where if he or she does survive, he or she has sustained serious brain damage or other problems causing developmental delays. These health issues stay with the child and the rest of the family for the remainder of their lives.

Doctors' code: try to do no harm, but be prepared to report errors

Each community has its own peculiar moral code. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. After all, in many respects it is laudable to live by such a code. When the group's code is counter to the interests of others, however, problems can arise.

Missed TB diagnosis leads to death of mother and newborn daughter

Doctors are often at a disadvantage when diagnosing medical conditions. A lot of it is simply based upon a process of elimination after a review of the patient’s signs and symptoms. However, the expectation is that their education and experience has taught doctors to accurately identify what ailments their patients are suffering from.

Delayed diagnosis results in woman's permanent disability

The key to successfully overcoming many debilitating diseases is early detection. Most healthcare professionals recommend that patients be seen as soon as symptoms begin to develop. However, that early detection is also dependent on a doctor recognizing the symptoms for what they are and accurately diagnosing the problem. While there are some medical conditions that can be difficult to detect, it's hoped that the battery of diagnostic tests that a patient undergoes will at least point doctors in the right direction. If any of those tests seem to give an indication of the patient's problem, yet that's missed or overlooked by doctors, than a patient may have cause to be upset.

Code of silence between doctors may leave patients at risk

Doctors are trusted to always be at the top of their games when plying their craft. Yet they're still human, and errors in their judgment or in their execution of a procedure are bound to happen. It's estimated that close 440,000 patients die yearly from medical errors, be they something as simple as the wrong prescription being given to much more glaring problems such as operating on the wrong site or leaving a surgical tool inside of patient's body cavity.

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