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October 2013 Archives

Surgical tools left in body the #1 cause of patient complications

Doctors in Providence go to school for many years to learn their craft, and then spend many more years honing their skills before they’re permitted to treat patients. Along the same lines, hospitals are required to meet rigorous standards in order to be allowed to offer services to the public. Patients trust that those standards are in place to ensure that they are receiving the highest level of care possible. Usually they are, as a majority of patient outcomes are favorable or at least acceptable. And even though doctors and other healthcare providers aren’t infallible and will occasionally make mistakes, random surgical errors might even be looked at by many with a certain degree of allowance. Yet one thing patients should never be asked to accept from healthcare providers is blatant carelessness.

Studies show VA providers could be overmedicating their patients

Many in Providence may be surprised when they visit their doctors and find them often hesitant to give out prescription-strength medications. Yet what they may not realize is that doctors understand what many of their patients do not: that medications can be as likely to harm as they are to heal. Overmedication has been an issue that medical professionals have faced for years. And recent data and events have shown that there are certain portions of the population that are at a greater risk of being overmedicated.

Overdiagnosis by doctors a growing problem in the U.S.

One often hears stories in the news about medical malpractice lawsuits in Providence that stem from a doctor’s delay or failure to diagnose a condition in a patient that led to further complications in that patient’s health. While patient rights advocates have tried to serve as watchdogs over health care providers in search of cases of missed or delayed diagnoses, little attention is often paid to what some are now pointing to as a growing trend within the medical industry: overdiagnosis.

Couple sues after doctors attempt vaginal delivery of breech baby

When it comes to the medical field, promises very rarely exist. A health care provider may advise or even champion a certain procedure, medication, or practice while dismissing the risks. Yet patients and providers in Providence should both know that, while studies and experience may indicate strong probabilities, it’s impossible to guarantee the success of a procedure to every patient. If a patient leaves a consultation feeling that way, the provider may be viewed as having misled him or her in an effort to recruit them to the provider’s practice or facility.

U.S. studies show that thousands die yearly from medical errors

Many are already aware that every year, doctor error contributes to the deaths of patients at Providence hospitals and clinics. Doctor’s, physician assistants, and nurses are human after all, and thus can be relied upon to make mistakes just as they are relied upon to use their skills in correctly diagnosing and treating their patients. Just how many people die in the U.S. every year is, however, a number that’s open for debate.

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