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September 2013 Archives

Legislation could address the failure to diagnose mental illness

Many are aware of the dangers of a physician or other health care professional’s failure to diagnose cancer, heart attack, or stroke and the potential ramifications that can have for an individual in Providence. But in the wake of recent events involving random acts of mass violence, many are beginning to closely examine the danger in failing to diagnose symptoms of mental illness in an individual.

Family awarded $4 million by jury in birth injury lawsuit

For expectant parents in Providence, the upcoming delivery of their baby is one of the most exciting times of their lives. Typically, stress is not something greatly associated with these occasions as most people usually believe that they are in good medical hands with their doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff. There are times, however, when the reliance on one’s critical teams fails, and something happens to the baby during delivery. At this stage of development, the tiniest things can cause serious problems with a baby, if a birth injury happens, and negligence can be proven on the part of the provider, than the parents and family may be entitled to compensation.

Dentist's error leaves boy needing prosthesis to conceal damage

People put an enormous amount of trust in their healthcare providers in Providence, and in most cases, that trust is repaid with excellent treatment. However, healthcare providers aren’t infallible. One may argue that they’re only human, and the standards which they are held to are too high. However, the type of specialty work that they do, and the potential impact for good or bad that it can have on the patients that they treat, requires an extremely high standard of care. If and when those standards aren’t met, the consequences can be devastating for the patient.

Lincoln MD's inappropriate prescriptions cause 6 patient deaths

When people go to the visit the doctor in Providence, they’re placing a great deal of trust in him or her to be able to not only pinpoint the cause of their ailments, but also to prescribe what needs to be done to correct them. Often, prescription painkillers are needed to help patients cope with their suffering. The abuse of prescription drugs can be all-too common. As such, doctors are expected to maintain the highest level of integrity in their treatment so as to not give the patients any more in terms of medication than they need or even want. When patients are injured due to medication errors or an allergic reaction to a drug, focus is usually always centered on the doctor who prescribed it.

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