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July 2013 Archives

Overmedication of painkillers may be linked to death

The relationship between a Providence doctor and a patient is founded on trust. A patient must have confidence that a doctor will always have their best interest at heart and be motivated by the need to heal those that are sick. Nowadays there are technological advancements in prescription medication that can cure illness and manage pain. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors use their powers to prescribe these medications to others for motivations that are beyond the scope of healing individuals. Whether it is to facilitate the recreational use of prescription painkillers, or simple financial gain, some medical professionals will continually dispense harmful drugs to patients without thinking about the dangerous side effects that may occur.

Hearing loss due to doctor errors, woman claims

Modern society relies wholeheartedly on medical professionals to diagnose and properly treat ailments. From a list of symptoms, a Providence doctor is trained to piece together the health warning signs in order to be directed to the underlying source of the issue. When a doctor error occurs, for example when a physician fails to notice obvious indicators of a greater fundamental problem, the consequences can be damaging. Misdiagnosis or delayed treatment can lead to the spread of infections, a worsened condition that is difficult to treat and sometimes even an irreversible disability.

Translation trouble may result in failure to diagnose

Medical malpractice lawsuits in Rhode Island can be due to a delayed diagnosis, a failure to diagnose the problem and even a misdiagnosis. When a patient does not receive adequate care, or when they are being treated for an ailment that they do not have, thus neglecting the real sickness, the consequences can be devastating and even life threatening.

Multimillion dollar settlement reached in birth injury case

An infant who is injured during the birth process in Providence often faces a number of challenges including brain damage, physical impairment, and additional medical care. Mistakes such as the dropping of newborns, administering the wrong medication or amount of medication, and doctor errors can prevent the child from enjoying the same abilities and experiences as other children and be a heartbreaking event for parents.

Anesthesia mistake led to man's death, medical malpractice suit

Anesthesia allows people in Providence to be operated on without feeling any pain and in most cases the administration of it is a smooth process. However, because multiple drugs are often used, drug mix-ups could prove fatal to a patient since the drugs may control the heartbeat and pulse of the person under their influence. It is therefore imperative that hospital personnel, the anesthesiologist and the surgeon take special care to ensure that patients are receiving the right drugs and the right dosage.

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