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May 2013 Archives

Misdiagnoses continue to be common problem in health care

For many people in Providence, going to see a doctor can be a stressful experience, especially when a person is having unusual symptoms. The last thing they think about is whether they are going to be a victim of medical misdiagnosis, especially with a serious illness like cancer. However, cancer misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis issues in general are more common than the average patient realizes, putting them at possible risk when that patient fails to receive the treatment that they need.

Woman left unable to care for herself after wrong side surgery

Any kind of surgery is associated with a certain amount of risk but it is the responsibility of doctors and surgical room staff to minimize those risks. A careless surgeon or negligent staff can result in complications for the patient that include permanent damage. These surgical mistakes can lead to years of pain and anguish for the patient and their families as well as untold hardships. When this occurs, patients can seek reparation through filing a lawsuit.

Sleepy Hollow hospital faces lawsuit for surgical error

When a patient undergoes surgery at a New York hospital, or medical facility, it is the responsibility of that staff to monitor the patient for any sudden changes. Failure to monitor the patient in a proper manner can put that patient unnecessarily at risk, leading to permanent injury and death. Staff should be on the lookout for any sign of a worsened condition such as a drop in heart rate, breathing issues and blood pressure changes.

Misdiagnosis of Hypothyroidism is common for women

While most people in Providence often associate medical misdiagnoses with serious illnesses such as cancer, stroke or heart issues, it is important to remember that a misdiagnosis of any kind can affect the way that a person enjoys life around them. A medical misdiagnosis can result in the wrong kinds of medications being prescribed, which could actually cause the person to suffer additional problems such as depression, mood changes and physical ailments. Therefore it is important for people who believe they have been given a wrong diagnosis to keep searching until they find the right one. 

Surgical errors with robotic arm cited in charges against surgeon

In a recent post, we talked about the concern the Food and Drug Administration expressed over the use of robotic surgeons in relation to surgeon errors. These robotic systems are controlled by surgeons and when a surgeon makes an error in judgment, a routine surgery can become much more complicated. It takes special training and concentration on the part of the surgeon to correctly operate a robotic surgeon. People in Providence may want to examine a robot surgery decision more carefully in the light of the recent action taken against a surgeon.

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