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Providence Serious Injury Law Blog

Unsafe work conditions exist: Are you being cautious?

Regardless of your employer or industry, you may notice unsafe working conditions from time to time. This holds true even if your company and its workers are devoted to providing a safe environment for all.

By understanding the most common types of unsafe working conditions, you can exercise caution with the idea of preventing an accident.

Parents of teen killed in Tesla crash file a lawsuit

Last May, a deadly crash involving a Tesla occurred in Fort Lauderdale, FL. According to the Associated Press, an electric Model S collided with a wall and then burst into flames. Edgar Monserratt Martinez and the driver, Barett Riley, were both killed in the accident. Another young man was thrown from the car and survived.

Watchdog group releases list of unsafe toys this season

The holiday season is upon us again. It is a time for family get togethers, enjoying big meals together and, of course, holiday gift giving. Anyone with young children in their lives have no doubt already been inundated by holiday wish lists for all manner of toys.

The look on a young child’s face when the open a present is priceless, but so is their safety. World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.), a non-profit focused on keeping children safe from potentially dangerous toys, has released its annual list of the season’s “10 worst toys” from a child safety point of view.

Catastrophic accident caused by DWI driver in stolen dump truck

It is an unfortunate reality that drunk drivers cause a disproportionate number of the vehicle accidents in the United States. Their carelessness leads to over 10,000 deaths each year and tens of thousands of injuries. It is critical that drunk drivers be held responsible for the pain, emotional trauma and monetary damage they inflict on law abiding drivers and their families.

Such was the case early last month when a drunk driver caused a multi-car collision near the heart of Providence, when a drunk driver ran a red light and struck two other vehicles. The driver of one of the vehicles did not survive; the passenger of the same car was rushed to a local medical facility for serious injuries.

Defective medical devices: malfunction or malpractice?

The advanced medical devices of this day and age are essential for some people. Devices like pacemakers and metal hips can significantly reduce both pain and risk for many individuals.

It is extremely serious if these products defect or glitch. A malfunctioning medical device could put your life in danger and do even more damage than it was meant to fix. It is costly to correct these defects, both physically and financially.

Top four safety risks for construction workers

The hazards lurking around construction sites make them among the most dangerous places to work in the country. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 21 percent of workplace deaths in the United States are construction related—that’s one in every five, making construction work the highest risk occupation for fatal injuries.

These construction site fatalities are easily preventable. Following OSHA recommended workplace safety measures would save 630+ lives every year.

Who pays for injuries after a hit-and-run accident?

In recent news, a 24-year-old woman struck and killed three children who were crossing the street at a bus stop in Indiana. A fourth child was also hit by the car and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. All three children killed were siblings.

While the woman who struck the children has been charged with three accounts of homicide and one account of causing bodily injury, many families of victims injured in car accidents do not receive the same justice. When a family member is involved in a hit-and-run accident, it can be devastating. It can be even more devastating when a loved one is facing medical bills from a hit-and-run and is unsure how he or she is going to pay for them.

Undiagnosed injuries after an accident could be fatal

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, every person involved needs to seek medical attention and get a thorough workup for potential injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes injuries go unnoticed in an initial exam and can worsen or lead to major complications without treatment.

One type of potentially missed injury is a traumatic brain injury, which can become a fatal consequence if unnoticed and untreated for too long. After a car accident and medical exam in Rhode Island, it is important to continue monitoring a person’s health for the hours and days following to ensure no injuries went unnoticed.

When a doctor’s negligence leads to birth complications

Bringing new life into the world is one of the most exciting — and nerve-wracking — experiences we have in life. While you may be read up on the latest parenting books and practicing the best health routines, you’ll still rely on the expertise of a doctor during this important time.

But, if a health care provider is negligent during your pregnancy, complications are likely to ensue. If you or your child are suffering from complications, you may be entitled to a medical malpractice claim.

Almost $8 million awarded in medical malpractice lawsuit

The spine is an incredibly important part of the human anatomy. An injury to it can often have catastrophic consequences for victims in Rhode Island and across the country. Often, those suffering from such an injury may not realize the severity, assuming they may have simply injured the muscles of their back. As a result, it often falls to medical care providers to recognize the potential of severe injury and take action to reduce the chance of additional harm. Unfortunately, a medical malpractice lawsuit claims that workers at an urgent care failed to provide appropriate guidance to a man suffering a spinal injury, resulting in permanent paralysis.

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