Did A Home Health Care Worker Break Your Trust?

Millions of people across the nation put their trust in home health care professionals and companies that are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of their patients under their care. Home health care nurses and personal care attendants can be lifesavers for people under their care and the families that rely on them. Unfortunately, many of these professionals are poorly trained and are often unqualified for the level of professional care expected of them.

If you or a loved one in your family has suffered an injury while under the care of a home health care provider, or because of a self-administered home health care product that was defective or unsafe for use, the attorneys at DeLuca & Weizenbaum in Providence are ready to help. Call us at 401-354-7233 for more information. Our firm has earned recognition for providing experienced, effective legal representation for plaintiffs injured because of medical negligence in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

How We Protect Your Loved Ones

Our attorneys and medical professionals on staff aggressively pursue medical malpractice claims because we sincerely care about improving the delivery of health care by licensed professionals. From initial investigation and gathering evidence, through preparing the strongest case possible for negotiating a full and fair compensation settlement or winning in court, you will have a formidable team of experienced medical malpractice trial lawyers on your side.

We handle claims involving injury and wrongful death arising from home health care negligence, such as:

  • Negligence by visiting nurses
  • Medication errors
  • Failure to communicate between the home health care nurse and doctors
  • Medical equipment failures
  • Wheelchair injuries and transportation injuries
  • Lack of attention, neglect of patient's needs
  • Over-reliance on family members to provide contracted services

What If You Don't Think You Can Prove Anything?

It may seem as if proving your case against a home health care professional or contracted company comes down to your word against your care providers. In fact, documentation requirements for visiting nurses and care providers are very substantial. Lack of documentation is also a form of negligence. Medical records must be kept up to date and information must be recorded accurately. By reviewing the records, we can often determine whether the expected level of professional care has been met.

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