When Cars Hit Bicyclists Or Pedestrians

Whether for efficiency or enjoyment, riding a bike or walking can be two of the most enjoyable and cost-effective means of getting around. Every day, thousands of individuals choose to ride their bicycles or walk to work or to simply enjoy the exercise. As the number of bikers and pedestrians on our roads and sidewalks increases, the impatience among car drivers increases, as well.

At DeLuca & Weizenbaum, Attorneys at Law, our personal injury lawyers fight to protect the rights of bikers and pedestrians who have suffered an injury because of a negligent driver. We take an aggressive, proactive approach to investigating and preparing our bike and pedestrian accident cases. That includes visiting the scene of the accident, taking surveys and interviewing witnesses in order to obtain all information relevant to reconstructing the accident. We make sure every piece of evidence is taken into consideration, including light and weather conditions, visibility and the road surface.

Contact us to arrange a free case evaluation. We will investigate the circumstances of your bike or pedestrian accident and clearly explain your options. If we feel you have a legitimate case, you can be assured that you have an aggressive, reputable personal injury trial team of professionals working on your side and seeking the money damages you need and the justice you are entitled to.

  • Parking lot and parking ramp pedestrian and bike injuries
  • Sidewalk and crosswalk injuries
  • Bike injuries to children, children pedestrian accidents
  • Loading dock injuries
  • City construction zone pedestrian accidents

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