When A Common Cancer Goes Undetected

Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer. Although most skin cancers can be treated effectively, some types, when left untreated due to delays in diagnosis, can metastasize, spreading to other parts of the body with potentially fatal consequences.

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Holding Doctors Accountable For Failure To Identify Melanoma

Dermatologists and other doctors are responsible for carefully looking at any skin conditions that are brought to their attention and asking their patients the right questions in order to determine whether they may have skin cancer. Common signs of skin cancer include:

  • Scabs that don't heal
  • Moles that change shape
  • Growths that change color
  • Irregular spots on the skin

When one of these conditions is present anywhere on the body — including frequently overlooked areas such as the feet — there is reason to suspect that it may be a sign of skin cancer, and the doctor treating the patient should order a biopsy to test that diagnosis.

Seeking Compensation For Delayed Diagnosis

While some types of skin cancer rarely spread, other types — particularly malignant melanomas — are much more likely to metastasize. A doctor who does not correctly identify the type of skin cancer affecting a patient could be putting him or her at risk.

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