When Mothers Are Injured During Delivery

Despite impressive improvements in health care precautions for mothers entering the hospital in labor, giving birth is still likely to be one of the most dangerous times of a woman's life. Complications in the delivery room can result in permanent injury and life-long health problems for the mother.

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Identifying The Causes Of Birth Injuries To Mothers

Giving birth is a major medical event and can result in many types of injuries, despite the doctor's best efforts. Not every birth injury to a mother is the result of medical negligence. However, when a doctor or nurse makes a mistake in the delivery room, or a serious infection sets in because the hospital did not follow proper procedures during pre- or post-delivery care, you have the right to seek compensation. You have the right to expect every member of your delivery team to perform to professional standards and meet the expected levels of care.

Our firm represents women in claims against OB-GYNs and other medical professionals for all types of birth injuries to mothers such as:

  • Vaginal tears and fissures: Rips in the muscle tissue in the perineum, often occurring during the final stages of delivery. Fissures are often associated with excess pressure required during the final delivery pushes. The standard procedure to reduce the chances of a tear or fissure is an episiotomy, a surgical procedure that can also result in complications with sutures and infections, excessive bleeding and improper healing, if not carried out correctly.
  • Cesarean sections: Often referred to as C-sections, these surgical procedures are often used when the fetus is not able to travel through the birth canal due to breech position or an enlarged head. A cesarean section can result in uterine infections, if not conducted and sutured properly. If you know you will be delivering your baby by C-section, learn more at our What to Watch for When You Are Having Surgery page.
  • Pre-eclampsia: High blood pressure and excessive protein found in the urine that results in symptoms of swelling, unhealthy weight gain and headaches, is called pre-eclampsia. If pre-eclampsia is not treated properly, the condition can result in death or serious injury to the mother and baby.
  • Infections: Perhaps one of the most prevalent health concerns associated with giving birth in the modern age is infection. A medical staff has a legal responsibility to do everything possible to prevent infections to the mother and baby. Learn more at our How to Avoid Hospital Infections page.

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